There are many classes and courses available in English for you and your baby in Berlin. Our intrepid babymummy, blogger and maternity concierge, Lorna has tried some of them out and will be writing a review every week just for you.

Fitness for Mums and Mums-to-be: A Review of ‚Mom in Balance‘


I’m not an exercise person. I remember crying off physical education at school whenever possible and I still have a bit of a problem exercising in public. However, the lovely Jiske contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try out Mom in Balance, an exercise concept for during pregnancy and afterward, created in the Netherlands but with new franchises popping up all over the world. Around the same time, a friend of mine highly recommended the class so I became curious and decided to join for a trial.

Waking up on the day of the trial class, I looked out of the window to be greeted by clouds and wind. It was chilly. I couldn’t think of anything less fun than moving my unfit behind around Volkspark Friedrichshain on a day like today. But I’d committed to it and I’m not someone to go back on a commitment.

When I arrived with Lewis and my pram at 10 a.m. sharp, Jiske greeted me warmly. The sun finally came out, the others showed up and we were instructed to jog a couple of laps around part of the park. Jog! I managed to puff my way around the circuit and was congratulated on my eagerness. This was going to be interesting. The workout was a mixture of cardio and strength (in German, English and Dutch) and whilst I did push myself, I was never forced into going over my limits. Jiske was encouraging the whole time and very clear in her instructions. She also rescued Lewis from mowing the lawn (he’s not a stroller kind of baby so he ended up laying on a blanket, enjoying watching the ladies working hard, whilst eating delicious grass). Towards the end, her new colleague Paloma took over for a final exercise and the cool-down stretches and we went our separate ways.

The following day, my body felt the benefit of the workout (i.e. was aching like hell!), which can only be a good thing!
Mom in Balance offers an exercise concept for everyone: From pregnant women wanting to stay fit, to ladies looking for a way to get back into shape after the birth of their baby, to mums wanting to take some time out for themselves, meet others and get some exersice.

For more information about exercise classes for pregnant women or mums in Berlin, contact Lorna.
To find out more about Mom in Balance, check out their website here.

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