Babies don‘t come with an owners manual

Expecting mothers, who are pregnant for the first time, who are in the middle of their careers, come from another city or even another country, or just want to do everything right are often overwhelmed by all the offers and possibilities that becoming a parent brings to the table. Maternita can help you!

Welcome to Berlin´s first Baby Planner Service

Whilst the thought of parenthood can be exciting, it’s sometimes met with a lot of apprehension. Getting accurate information and navigating the system can be daunting, even for those who speak fluent German.The maternita Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner service supports and guides growing families with information and organizational and practical help during pregnancy, after birth and beyond. We help families start their journey into parenthood well-informed and with confidence.

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Our services to expectant families range from midwife search to baby proofing your appartement, or Elterngeld application services. We can discuss in a free phone consultation which services are needed, how much they cost and what the next steps are. 

Workshops & Events

We offer individual workshops for small groups that cover burning questions and issues that expecting parents have regarding pregnancy, paperwork, birth and beyond. Come and gather all the information you’ll need in a fun and engaging setting. 


We also offer individual phone or Skype consultations to answer your specific questions around pregnancy, birth and the baby years. Get your answers straight away and conveniently without having to leave your home or your office! 

Pregnancy Service Packages

From our ABC-for-parents-to-be all the way to our Carefree during pregnancy package, you can choose the package that suits your needs and your budget best. Ideal as a way to start discovering our services or as a gift to expectant parents.

Corporate Services

We will team up with you to organize, structure, and guide your employees through the process to meet their parental needs and wishes and find a way to balance work and their new family life. Get in touch to find out how we can help your company and employees thrive through parenthood.

Kita Search

We can support you in the search for a suitable day care centre (Kita), childminder (Tagesmutter), or nanny, and in exploring alternative childcare options such as co-working with children. Our team will take the tedious work of calling and emailing away, giving you the best chances of landing a Kita spot.

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Paperwork 101: Going to this workshop was the best decision I took during my pregnancy! Saved me so much time and Lorna answered so many questions! For me, more necessary than antenatal classes”

“I am absolutely thrilled with the service offered by Maternita. We had been searching for a midwife for many months, and Lorna found us one within a week, and it’s an excellent fit as well. All around excellent service!”

Support with paperwork & official appointments: maternita was so helpful and nice. I am very happy to recommend them to anyone needing something. Thank you!

I left the United States a mere 7 days after discovering I was pregnant with my first child. By the time my partner and I were able to determine the type of care and birth we hoped for, finding a midwife was suddenly impossible on our own. Lorna saved the day! She met with us in person, heard all of our needs and wants, made us feel so comfortable about giving birth abroad, and had a number of back up plans at the ready. Lorna not only found us an available midwife, but she found the perfect midwife. It couldn’t have been a better fit. I’d recommend Lorna to anyone needing anything at all related to their pregnancy. She has a wealth of contacts, and firsthand knowledge herself as an expat Mom.”

maternita came round to our house and gave us some brilliant baby proofing tips! We had done the usual before they’d arrived, i.e., protected all the open sockets with baby proofing covers. But they brought to our attention the many potential dangers that we would never have thought of. They were very informative and accommodating and helped us a lot with deciding what we would need to make our home as safe as possible for our 9 month old baby daughter, Emily. Plus gave us additional advice on a few other non-babyproofing things. They were SUPER!”

I came to berlin when I was five months pregnant. l could hardly speak German and had no idea how the healthcare system worked. Needless to say I had no GP, midwife or pediatrician. The services Maternita offered were exactly what I needed. Lorna was extremely helpful explaining everything I needed to know, she was accurate and professional in her work. Within a week she found a lovely midwife who helped me deliver VBAC, found a family doctor for me and my husband as well as a great pediatrician for my two kids. Basically I got everything I needed without going through the stress of searching on my own in this unfamiliar environment. Thanks maternita, will gladly recommend your company”