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Human Capital is a critical factor for your company’s success. A long-term commitment of your top level employees will give you operative and strategic advantages. Supporting and unburdening your employees throughout the process of growing a family and re-entering the workplace through a service like maternita´s will provide you with free capacity for the actual work that needs to get done. Unfortunately most pregnant employees tend to take more sick days and are less focused due to additional work and stress. Sooner or later questions about the compatibility of work and family life will come up. This is when maternita comes is. We will team up with you to organize, structure, and guide your employees through the process to meet their parental needs and wishes and find a way to balance work and their new family life.

We offer our service as well as customized coachings for expecting and young parents in executive and other key positions at your company:

  • We take care of all the administrative and bureaucratic tasks for you employees – which usually takes 18-32 hours of their time, that could be used more efficiently for their actual workload on the job
  • We offer info material and practical checklists to all relevant topics which will make extensive internet research unnecessary
  • We assist in finding the appropriate aide and place for the birth, a good pediatrician, the perfect childcare etc. – which will help provide a smooth re-entry in the job

We organize and hold workshops as well as provide you with business consulting about implementing family friendly measuresstarting with the pregnancy:

  • Organizational outline for growing families
  • Time management & pregnancy
  • Childcare logistics
  • Re-entry into the workplace and priority management
  • Basic know-how, resources, and practical tips as well as our experience pertaining to pregnancy and newborns in Berlin

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