What is a Maternity Concierge?

During the period of pregnancy, birth or with  a newborn, there are different ways of guidance, support and advice. To help you decide, we have summarized some basic information for you:

A midwife is an indispensable part of your prenatal care, birth and postnatal care as they guide you medically and emotionally through the process of becoming parents. The midwife or obstetric nurse is qualified to assist you with medical issues, and a great addition (and even alternative) to your gynaecologist.

A birth Doula accompanies expecting families throughout the birth – especially in emotional, sensitive issues and intimate contact for you and your partner. 

A post-partum Doula supports you while in childbed. She is running errands taking care of your other kids and housekeeping. Additionally she counsels you on sensitive and emotional issues and provides relaxation techniques.

A Maternity Concierge and Baby Planner completes the picture of support guidance and advice before and after the birth. She is a neutral and independent consultant and facilitator who is aims to answer all your basic and organisational questions, educates you for the decision making process fulfils individual needs and wishes.

Regardless if you choose the service of a midwife, doula  a maternity assistant and / or a Maternity Concierge, they are all committed to your well-being and assist you and your partner in your individual situation.

I was so overwhelmed by all the choices and didnt know what was good or not, it was a stressful time that made me forget to enjoy this important phase of my life. 


Ulrike Käfer was living abroad while pregnant with daughter Finia. Once she moved back to Germany, she was too late with everything and desperate for help, starting with finding the right midwife and place to give birth to choosing a suitable and safe car seat and stroller. After talking to other woman about the same experience the idea of maternita was born, almost together with her daughter. The idea is simple: maternita’s services save time and alleviate stress for pregnant women, most often in the midst of their careers, as well as their families. In the long run, this means that women can concentrate on their careers and other obligations in their daily life while growing and nurturing their families. Ever since the maternita team has been guiding and supporting their clients on the way to a life with a newborn.