(English) Babycare not fulfilling enough for you? How to make the most of your parental leave

If you’re a brand-new mum, the concept of boredom may seem very far away. You are probably neck-deep in shifts of 3 hours intervals consisting of feeding, changing, sleeping (way too little) before the cycle starts again. However, I promise you that if you have taken a year-long parental leave like a lot of mothers in Germany, there comes a...

You know you’re a British Mum in Germany when….

Stereotypes, they are everywhere and they’re even more exaggerated when you move to a different country. Here are some anecdotal, sweeping generalisations, based on my own experience as a British Mum in Berlin (meant as tongue-in-cheek).

  1. You’re worried about the lack of gas and air offered as pain relief during birth at the hospital

Watching ‘One Born Every...

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