Informed decisions are the basis of your individual path to parenthood. That also applies to all the paperwork related to parental leave and parental allowance, as well as child benefits.  We can assist you with all the required baby-related paperwork, from explaining the system to helping you fill in the application forms. After a phone consultation where we will explain our service options and their cost, you can decide which one is best suited to your needs, your skills and your budget. 

General information and procedure
Services packages are based on the exchange of personal data.

It is therefore necessary to sign a contractual agreement in order to secure both client and service provider. After you have requested our services, we will send you a contract to sign. As soon as we receive the signed contract from you, we send you a checklist with all documents you need to provide. Any personal data we receive from you will not be passed on to unauthorized third parties. All data is handled in the strictest confidence. Whether benefits are granted, the amount and the length of time these are paid out cannot be influenced by us.

All information provided has been counter checked by a lawyer and updated according to the current status of the law.

In certain cases we would require legal counsel and might ask you to speak with our highly-specialized lawyer.

Contact us in case of questions

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